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Bylanes of Meherchand

If you're from Delhi, you must be living under a rock if you haven't heard about Meherchand Market. Located near the colony famous for its vivid street art, this market is renowned for its hi-end designer stores. But what people haven't seen are the rusty, old bylanes of Meherchand Market. 

When we were planning this shoot, the biggest question in our heads was 'Where?', and that's when we came to a conclusion to do a recce around this area. Since all of us were wearing quite colorful outfits, these bylanes totally complimented and elevated our looks. Like I always say, location and ambience do play a vital role in presenting your style through images. 

I chose to wear a Kalamkari print flared kurta as a dress alongwith oversized chandbaalis and added these brown mules ad sleek vintage glasses for a fusion vibe. Not just our outfits boasted summer colors but the cotton fabric was a sigh relief in this humid weather, for us all. 

One of my most favorite addition to…