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GET THE LOOK - Celebrity Style Steal

I have been noticing too many influencers and YouTubers recreating their favorite celebrity beauty and fashion looks for less, because why spending a bomb when you can actually sport the similar style for a much smaller amount. While I don't follow what's trending very often but this theme seemed too interesting to be ignored and that's when I decided to jump into the 'Celebrity Style Steal' bandwagon. 

I chose to sport the looks (for less) of four of my favourite celebs, whom I feel are effortlessly stylish and are quite experimental when it comes to creating outfits. Two from our good ol' Bollywood and the other two from Hollywood. 

Sonam Kapoor

First up has to be my favourite of em' all and I am sure its not just me who is in awe of Sonam Kapoor's style. Be it her red carpet appearances or her airport fashion statement, I personally look forward to each one of them.  For this post I decided to steal one of her airport looks, where she was seen dressed up…