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Aayna Clinic | Beauty Has A New Address

Aayna Clinic is widely known as a leading beauty & aesthetic wellness centre which offers the latest, most innovative and medically approved cosmetic dermatology treatments, anti-ageing procedures and other treatments. A Dr. Simal Soin's initiative, this 'science of beauty' centre recently opened its new outlet in Khan Market! 
It was a pleasure to attend the launch and experience this royal space and understand the services deeply with a one on one chat session with Dr. Soin, over wine and cheese. 

Dr. Simal Soin has been an expert in the field of Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dermatology for over 15 years. The industry has adopted many of her systems & methodologies  

Services at Aayna Clinic include:

Cosmetic Dermatology | Skin Maintenance Treatments Hydra FacialOxygen FacialHair Restoration TreatmentsA PRPAnti-Aging BotoxFillersThermageWeight Management Body Contouring & ReshapingDrainage & Detoxification Cellulite Treatment Aesthetic clinic Dermalogica FacialsHai…