Review | Nykaa Paintstix [Part 2]

A lot of you must be aware about my review of the first lot of the Nykaa Paintstix, well, after those stunning twelve shades Nykaa has now introduced eight new shades in this collection. 

The new range comprises of eclectic shades of pretty pinks, subtle nudes & vivid plums! I love them, for a matter of fact, that they can be easily worn on daily basis. 

Pricing: 425 INR each

Packaging: Following the similar packaging technique, like that of last time, each lipstick comes with a color coded matching cover over a black body! 

13 Goal Digger
14 Boss Babe
15 Smell The Rosé 
16 Cheerleader Daze 
17 High School Sweetheart 
18 Sweet Honeymoon
19 Feelin' Pretty
20 Pretty Popular 

The brand claims the product to be extremely long-lasting and infused with enriching shea butter and Vitamin E to leave your lips feeling hydrated and plump. While I do agree with with the lips being hydrated throughout the day, but I felt the need of re-applying the lipstick after 4-5 hrs.

Here are the lip swatches for you all to decide which one is your favorite!

13 Goal Digger | This one is a stunning dark pink shade with red undertones. Perfect for a day to night transition if you're a sucker for bold shades.

14 Boss Babe | Yet another bold pink shade which can easily go with western as well as traditional outfits! You'll see me sporting this a lot during the festive season.
15 Smell The Rosé | This alluring rosy pink shade is an ideal substitute for those days when you don't feel like sporting nudes. The slight hint of pink adds a freshness to your face. 

16 Cheerleader Daze | Finally got to add mauve tone to my lipstick collection with this shade. My mom loved this one since she has always been a fan of mauve!

17 High School Sweetheart | One of my absolute favourites from this range, because it is somewhere on the lines of millennial pink! And who doesn't love that? 

18 Sweet Honeymoon | One can never have too many nude lipshades! This goes straight into my bag as I plan to wear this peachy nude shade daily to work. 

19 Feelin' Pretty | Looks like Nykaa thought of bombarding us with all possible shades of nude, with this one being with pink undertones. Perfect swipe over the lips when you don't plan to wear too much of make up! 

20 Pretty Popular | This nude is slightly darker than the others & will be your ideal companion during the fall. 

  • Extreme color intensity
  • Soft matte finish
  • Cruelty Free
  • Creamy Texture
  • Highly affordable

  • Transfers a little
  • Not completely matte
I would definitely recommend this range to you all & if you prefer amazing quality at a reasonable price, you've got to buy this! 
Do let me know which one is your favourite amongst these in the comments below.

Also, I am wearing Bausch & Lomb's Lacelle Grey Color Lenses in this post!

Until next time.
Much love :*


  1. Though I prefer matte lipsticks anyday but soft matte looks nice too! Cheerleader daze and high school sweetheart shades look good to me! Thanks for reviewing! It was oh great help

  2. These looks great... Especially the nudes! And the pics are lovely too!!!
    Tell me, do u think they tend to darken the lips? That's something I've been told by a lot of ppl... Just wanted ur perspective on it

    1. Since I do not apply them on daily basis I cannot say whether it darkens the lips or not! But whenever I have applied, I never felt a change in my natural lip tone. :)

  3. All of these look great!!! Especially the nudes. My favorite will be pretty popular and honeymoon as I am done with pinks for few months 😁😁

  4. ah i think all these shades will look fabulous on me too!! i wish they were also completely matte!

  5. I love Nykaa products..! This picture makes me feel like these lipsticks are parting �� !

  6. Saw these on your instastories and I was waiting for you to share swatches. All shades look amazing on you. These will work well for my skin tone too. Thanks for your post.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. What is the difference between nude spice and sweet honeymoon?

    1. Hey Lahari, Sweet honeymoon has pink undertones.


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