Not Just Picturesque

Ever since I started blogging, one of the most heard statements for me would be 'OMG you are so photogenic!'. For someone who was petrified of getting passport photos clicked, did not have a single selfie in her phone & hated posing in front of the camera to this, is rather amusing to say the least.
I see young girls who wish to start their fashion blogging journey getting haywired about which camera to choose, which software to use to edit the pictures but never posting a single query about content. While I understand that pictures are important but that's definitely not the only thing that makes you a blogger. 
I have seen influencers with some amazing visual content writing material that has absolutely no relation & clarity about what they wish to convey. They either end up copy & pasting what the PRs send them or write something that'll leave you confused. I feel that all the hardwork that they've put in to bring out such breathtaking pictures is worthless if there is no expression in form of words to support them.
If we argue this connotation by saying 'a picture is worth thousand words, well then we should limit our influencing only till the photo-sharing apps like Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest because posting a dozen of photographs & only talking about the 'outfit details' does not do justice to the time taken out by your readers to visit the website in order to grasp the whole concept behind the post. Pictures basically enhance the reading experience & adds value to your post.
To conclude I would say the root to a good blogpost lies with both the pictures & the text. You cannot put all your efforts into one & ignore the other. Until, ofcourse, you mention it to be a photoblog!

Until next time!
Much love :* 


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