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Style Gene

How often does it happen that whenever you pick an outfit, your mother is like "Oh, we used to wear that too during our college days!". Happens with me quite often! Though, ever since I was born I have always seen her ethnic wear, but the thought of her wearing such outfits makes me really excited.  We all know how the past trends keep on making a comeback. But seeing my mother's memories attached with those trends makes me want to sport them even more. Be it a tee with high-waist jeans or a midi dress! So when I picked this midi dress with beautiful sleeves, ruffle details & an intricate pattern, I decided to create a look for her & basically reflect her style with a dash of mine in this post. Keeping the theme in mind we tried to also shoot it the way pictures used to be back then. Keeping it minimal, like how she & I both love, I paired this dress alongwith with faux suede mules in the similar color palette & added a pop of plum with this minaudiere!  I re…

Review | Lotus Professional DermoSpa

If you are following me on Instagram then you must be aware about the Lotus Professional dermoSpa Facial experience that I took a couple days back. The treatment included various steps where it cleansed, exfoliated & nourished the skin, to make it healthy & glowing! 
DermoSpa offers rare & time tested beauty ingredients, and its signature massage technique leaves a detoxifying & relaxing effect.
It comes in three different variants - Japanese Sakura Skin Whitening & Lightening Facial Bulgarian Rose Glow & Brightening FacialBrazilian Anti-Ageing Facial (Amazonian Rainforest Ingredients) Since I do not support & promote skin whitening and anti-ageing is something that I do not require, I opted for Bulgarian Rose Glow & Brightening Facial

Post the experience, I was given the products to be included in my daily skincare regime.  Facewash - dermoSpa Bulgarian Rose Glow & Brightening Enhancing facewash Day crème - Bulgarian Rose Glow Skin Radiance crème Night c…

Zaful Haul

As mentioned in my last post, we are often doubtful about the quality of the stuff that we'll receive while shopping on a website for the first time. So when I got to know about the Zaful Anniversary Sale, I decided to order a few items so as to experience the whole process with them & eventually let you all know whether it was worth it or not.
Before going to the items I would like to give few tips if you plan to shop on Zaful for the first time: Invest in classic pieces - Do not pick anything fancy or dramatic as the chances of such products being a let down are more than the basics. Go for denims, shirts, jackets and more.Opt for products showcasing a model try-on - Not every product on Zaful has that option, so to be on the safe side seeing how your pick would look on a model gives you alot more assurance.Accessories & bags are a must have - This being tried & tested plus after watching so many Zaful haul videos, I can vouch for their accessories like sunglasses, bel…

Not Just Picturesque

Ever since I started blogging, one of the most heard statements for me would be 'OMG you are so photogenic!'. For someone who was petrified of getting passport photos clicked, did not have a single selfie in her phone & hated posing in front of the camera to this, is rather amusing to say the least. I see young girls who wish to start their fashion blogging journey getting haywired about which camera to choose, which software to use to edit the pictures but never posting a single query about content. While I understand that pictures are important but that's definitely not the only thing that makes you a blogger. 
I have seen influencers with some amazing visual content writing material that has absolutely no relation & clarity about what they wish to convey. They either end up copy & pasting what the PRs send them or write something that'll leave you confused. I feel that all the hardwork that they've put in to bring out such breathtaking pictures is wort…

How I Wore A Corset Belt

I don't think anyone expected a 'Corset Belt' to pop up into the fashion circuit & become one of the most raging trends of the season! While internationally we see them in many styles be it in lace, quirky prints or with embroidery, but here we are offered limited options to choose from.  Not that I am complaining because the one that I picked, well, I had been wanting the same since quite some time. 
Now coming to styling it, we all know that corset belts act like mid-riff clinchers which basically accentuates your waist, eventually giving you an hourglass figure like appearance! A perfect pick for curvy women but for a skinny one like me, it is very important to style it right so as to not end up looking slimmer than you actually are.  Therefore, instead of picking a bodycon, I chose an oversized sweatshirt in light color and layered this black lace corset belt over it. It drew attention to the waist & easily added sass to the attire! I wanted to create a fusion loo…