In Quest Of

In quest of?
In quest of reality in this made up digital world.
In quest of quality amidst the high numbers! 
We often come across memes & videos talking about social media vs reality, where we are shown how people twist & lie about their lives for mere likes & appreciation from their digital fam! Are we living a digital lie? Well, may be not completely but there must have been certain posts that you may have come across only to feel and question 'is it for real?'
If I compare my life before & after being a digital influencer, I actually notice alot of difference from a point where, I used to enjoy my food without clicking a single picture to days where I used to dress my best and not get upset over not having shot that outfit. Not that I don't love what I do now but those carefree days are surely missed sometimes!

One thing that I always stuck on to is to never pretend to be someone who I am not in real life, create genuine, substantial content, wear outfits not for a social media update and promoting brands for their worth & not for the amount that they are paying me to promote it. 
Another pattern that I have noticed that is actually ruining the existence of social media is people choosing quantity over quality! With the increasing numbers through unfair means, those who's work actually speak excellence are getting lost amidst the crowd. Why would brands want their outreach to target dead profiles, why would I, as an influencer, work hard on my content when the people who are following me do not even exist! 

Well, this topic has no closure till the time people themselves do a reality check and ask their inner-self whether it's worth it? 

I would love to hear your feedback on the same!
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