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My favourite international shopping website

We all love to shop online and I am sure that we must be having our favourite websites that we swear upon. While we do have many Indian websites stocking some really good stuff, but my indefinite search to buy something unique, eye-catching & extremely affordable bumped me into this amazing website called Zaful! And trust me when I say that currently it is one of my favourite international website to shop apparel & accessories. While initially, I too was sceptical about paying huge shipping or custom charges but after going through their shipping information I was shocked to see that they charge very nominal shipping fee on orders below $30 and if you shop for more than $30, the shipping is absolutely FREE! The order takes about 10-15 days to reach to you without any hassle! We all know that International fashion trends take a lot of time to reach the Indian market therefore we end up sporting that particular trend after a really long time, but with Zaful I was able to shop the …

How to Style a White Shirt

Before posting the final video, I got a lot queries as to what exactly is this #WhiteShirtProject all about! You guys know how in the past I have created different looks by using one piece in common, well my this association with DLF Promenade too, was on the same lines. They asked me to create seven looks using one white shirt & also gave me themes to style the looks accordingly. While my work was limited only till the video, I decided to create this post only to share the thought behind each look & how I decided to not let the shirt look monotonous in all the looks.  Shirt - Van Huesen
MONOCHROME For this theme, I decided to create something ideal for transition from work to dine-out! I paired the shirt alongwith a highwaist pencil skirt & added a sleek gold belt to accentuate the attire. I buttoned the cuff right above my elbow to give puffed shoulder illusion to the shirt & inverted the collar to give it a blouse like appearance.  Added these sassy pair of mules & s…

In Quest Of

In quest of? In quest of reality in this made up digital world. In quest of quality amidst the high numbers!  We often come across memes & videos talking about social media vs reality, where we are shown how people twist & lie about their lives for mere likes & appreciation from their digital fam! Are we living a digital lie? Well, may be not completely but there must have been certain posts that you may have come across only to feel and question 'is it for real?' If I compare my life before & after being a digital influencer, I actually notice alot of difference from a point where, I used to enjoy my food without clicking a single picture to days where I used to dress my best and not get upset over not having shot that outfit. Not that I don't love what I do now but those carefree days are surely missed sometimes!
One thing that I always stuck on to is to never pretend to be someone who I am not in real life, create genuine, substantial content, wear outfits no…

Amazon India Fashion Week AW17: Day 4

Keeping the unbearable Delhi summers in mind, I decided to pick this extremely roomy, handwoven Cotton dress for the last day of the fashion week! Like I said before, I wanted to stick with minimal yet trendy looks this season of Amazon India Fashion Week, this attire too, perfectly fit the bill. While 'anti-fit' has been trending for quite sometime, but I am sure each one of us has sported this style way before it became a trend, per se.  While earlier it was a mode to get into relaxed & comfortable clothes, it has now become a style statement! Some may say, this silhouette is not meant for skinny people but you've know the drill as to how to sport it like a boss and not end up looking as if you are wearing a sack. The patterns & colors you choose should be ideal for your body type.
Coming to the outfit, I chose this easy checkered piece with hues of maroon, navy blue & mustard, and paired it alongwith combat boots to add an edge to the attire! Being an absolute…

Amazon India Fashion Week AW17: Day 3

After power-dressing on Day 1 and picking up the embroidered trend for Day 2, I decided to go towards the velvet way on Day 3! This outfit, without any intention also gave those Coachella vibes with a missing headgear, ofcourse.  I decided to pair a knotted bodysuit with high-waist denim shorts and layered a peach hued velvet kimono over it. While we all know velvet to be a winter fabric, but with seasonless nature of fashion these days this versatile material can be incorporated to your summer wardrobe with a little cheat; like I did here, by picking an oversized, airy piece to keep me comfortable yet stylish! Added a chunky silver neckpiece & a mirrored phone cover for them fusion vibes. I also did a little DIY on my bag by putting NAMASLAY on it, to clearly state that 'the slayin me recognises the slay in you!' Finally wavy hair, a pair of sneakers & the sunglasses before heading out. OUTFIT DETAILS Bodysuit - H&M | Shorts - Levis | Kimono, Neckpiece - Thrifted