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Criss Cross

There's something about embroidery that fascinates me alot! Be it as a childhood memory of wearing embroidered denim or during teenage enrolling myself into classes to learn cross-stitch technique.  Embroidery gives an out of the box appeal & transforms a mundane design into a statement piece.

Despite being an ancient trend it keeps on emerging year after year with a fresh, modern & edgy vibe added to it by young designer & brands. One such brand that used embroidery in an eccentric way for their SS'16 collection is Quirk Box. Inspired from the French Art & Fashion era, this beautifully detailed collection is a perfect combination of vintage with the right amount of quirkiness!

For me, it was a love at first sight with this dress, not just for its intricate detailing but also for the unconventional pop hued French inspired cross stitchembroidery over a quintessential dress. Quite unlike of what Quirk Box is known for (the prints, ofcourse), I loved how for the fir…

Vintage Printage

I used to always play very safe when it came to styling outfits, where a majority of my wardrobe was all-black, going for a head to toe print look seemed insane to me! But as the years passed and I became more inclined towards fashion, I decided to come out of the cocoon of basic styling and started experimenting in terms of colors, cuts, fit, etc.

So when Quirk Box sent me their 'Vintage Vanity' Long Shirt, I bombarded my planner with various styling ideas. Keeping the sky blue color & the silhouette in mind, initially I zeroed in on a casual look with distressed denims in grey & sneakers but once I saw the pictures i felt it was too basic and didn't really do justice to the creativity and original art print of the shirt.

The whole idea behind this look was to fuse your formal wear with some quirkiness but at the same time keeping it balanced & sophisticated. Since the shirt was in a vivid color, I paired it with these micro print high-waist trousers in neutral …

White Knots ft. Quirk Box

When the sun's bright, the sky’s clear,  & the nature showers its own confetti it goes better with white!
Talking about an all-white ensemble, it may sound tricky to pull off initially but by adding fun & quirky vibes in form of colored accessories or a printed piece can definitely help you nail this style, no matter what.

And whenever we say eccentric prints, the only Art Label that strikes my mind is Quirk Box. Yes, an art label because calling them just a fashion label would be too mainstream since we all know that fashion fades with time but the designs & prints offered by Quirk Box are timeless classics. The brand known for its innovation & creativity has been my favorite since it first came out with its minions (print) only to take over the fashion circle by a storm.

Coming to the outfit, I picked this white dress for its roomy silhouette & mainly for the offbeat bow sleeves. To give it a polished yet sporty & relaxed look, I layered it under a dark hued …