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Summer Story

The temperature is on a crazy rise — a rather unusual occurrence in April. Forget dressing up, I don't even feel like getting out of my room these days.

Figuring out what to wear when you know your body is going to transform into a sweating, frazzled, baked mess as soon as you step out of your air-conditioned abode can give you chills, well not literally! So to tackle these summer outfit issues, I have made a check list to get a fresh look despite the heat wave. Opting for breathable fabrics like cotton or linen, also because they don't cling to your body.A hat or cap to protect your scalp from UV rays.Go for lighter hues because they reflect light and unlike dark colors, do not absorb heat.Patterns tend to hide perspiration as compared to solid colors. Hence, no sweat stains!Double layering during summers is a smart move, since a single piece ends up sticking to your body leaving you uncomfortable throughout the day.And lastly, well, hello sleeveless!

This look came about keeping…

Peach Please ft. ARTiara

Whenever we talk about style, we know that there isn't any particular style concept or guidelines for all, it is a creation based solely on personal taste. If we talk about my personal style or what I think before buying a particular piece, it is in how many ways can I wear it, basically picking something that is versatile or making it one! 

So when I chose this beautiful piece with perfect summer vibes from ARTiara, I knew how fluidly it can be transitioned between day and night and that's how these two looks came about. 

For the day look, I layered this dress over a crisp white shirt and added a belt to define the waist. Keeping it casual with brown loafers, soft pink lipshade & side swept wavy hair to finish off the look.

For the night look, I switched from flats to textured wedge heels. Pulled down the straps to give it a boat-neck look & added these emerald green earrings and a sling bag. To compliment the look I did a messy side bun, for the make-up opted for fuch…

Wanderlust ft. Flyrobe

Who doesn't love to travel! Be it as a much needed break from the monotonous daily routine or to experience new challenges or even to find your inner self, you are never short of reasons to travel. The different cultures that we get see and the interesting people that we get to meet during every travel experience, knowingly or unknowingly, leaves a huge impact on us & teaches us a whole new way to look at the world. If you ask me that one travel related wish, it would be to make a journey to any one place around the world all alone! 

Coming to the outfit which gives a perfect traveller vibe, this playsuit was rented from I paired it along with these high top sneakers & a hat. Absolutely zilch make-up and a messy braid to finish off the look. All I needed was a backpack and approved leaves from work to fulfil my crave to travel! Sadly got none. -_-

A little about the brand || Talking about "style on rent", renting clothes is a thing now a days and for…

Nerd Talk

Does wearing spectacles make you look like a nerd?  Why this question! Well, because whenever I have worn my glasses to a party, event or any social gathering, no matter how perfectly am I dressed, someone or the other definitely tells me how good would have I looked without the glasses or enquires why I didn't wear contact lenses!

But off lately, with fashionistas like Sonam Kapoor, Kiran Rao and Kangana Ranaut being spotted wearing glasses with an air of nonchalance, is definitely helping in breaking the notion of spectacles being a nerdy fashion accessory.

For me it's always comfort over style statement, so if I wear glasses my aim is not to stand out as a nerdy-chic but because they're a part of my personality.   I love wearing spectacles with my outfits as much as I love wearing contact lenses! 

Keeping the same in mind I styled this look. I wore a printed midi dress for a weekend day-out, paired with a grey sling bag (here: used as a clutch) and these tassel loafers. And …