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Grey Matters

Have you been sporting a black & white combination a lot these days or may be while looking at your wardrobe you realise that maximum percentage of dresses or jumpsuits that you have are in the above mentioned colors? If yes, then we are sailing in the same boat!  So this time when I went to shop I made sure that I do not pick anything in those shades no matter how irresistible the outfit is. Instead I decided to go for the hue that comes between black & white: Grey!  

I've been wanting to buy a well fitted jumpsuit since quite some time, but only to fail to find the perfect one. So when I came across this jumpsuit (↓)I instantly fell in love with the texture, the shade but not the fit. But following the 'if you can't find a way create one' motto I picked this piece and got it customised. And voila, the result was not just a well tailored jumpsuit but also in an absolute different color for my closet. 
To defy the notion of grey giving a boring, dull look, I style…

Pastel Nuances

For all those who live, love & breathe fashion, can understand the whole anticipation to know the Pantone Color of the year.
But this year they surprised everyone by choosing not one, but a blend of two colors - Rose Quartz & Serenity! The beautiful balance between a warmer embracing rose tone & a cooler serene blue turned to be absolutely ethereal, to say the least. This coming after years of having rich & saturated colors as the Pantone choice was not only a nice change to the eyes but the whole idea behind these two hues representing society’s increasing acceptance of gender equality was quite commendable.

Coming to the outfits, I chose this flowy maxi dress in tranquil blue shade & did a fusion by pairing it up with these chunky oxidised silver earrings. Being someone who anyday prefer minimal over jazz teamed up no other accessories, subtle matte pink on the lips & half up hairdo to finish off the look!

While Garima chose a soft romantic tone shift dress &…

Earthy Hues

When we talk about earthy tones, one always end up relating it with Fall Winter. Colors like Taupe, Khaki, Ivory, Tan have always been Spring-Summer fashion's strongest understatements. Being said that, I personally feel that the Earthy colour palette cannot only be easily incorporated into your everyday style but it also gives a fresh & natural chic vibe to your look! 
Those days when you feel like leaving behind bright colours & dressing up in muted subtle tones; Earthy tones becomes your best friend!  I came up with this look for a weekend brunch. Off-the-shoulder silhouette has been doing rounds since quite some time now, it not just accentuates your shape but is effortlessly classic. You can always experiment with prints, colours, & ruffle! I paired this horizontal striped off shoulder top along with mid waist Khaki trousers with rolled up hem. Added a pair a Ivory pumps and a dainty choker. A messy low ponytail & matte pink lips, and I was good to go! OUTFIT DETAI…

A New Step

You've got everything to take the world in your stride ~ Happy Women's Day 
I'll be turning 25 in ten days and the excitement is equal as it was fifteen years back. Nothing has changed except for the fact that now I am independent enough to get what I want.
I am not a brand conscious person but off lately I have started investing in high-quality pieces because of their longevity & timelessness! This time I planned to add a designer bag to my closet & considering how exorbitantly they are priced, I knew I had to settle for a mini version. But luckily a friend suggested this site, My Luxury Bargain which sells pre-owned luxury! After looking at the prices that they were offering, I decided to get in touch with them to resolve my apprehensions. 
To keep it easy, they also send over the handbags for private viewing so that the customer can experience the product personally before buying it. I requested them to send the Louis Vuitton Watercolor Papillon (Ltd. Edition). This…