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All the Blues

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" ~ Rachel Zoe

In context to the quote mentioned above, we too fully believe that fashion gives you the power to express yourself & defines your individuality!  But a lot amongst us are losing the importance of personal style due to proliferating bloggers & influencers, and how the impact of their style is resulting into a sheep mentality where one chooses to replicate the look instead of adding their own vibe to it. 

We too, have our favorites & follow the latest trends but we make sure that the look has our own essence in it. If you have noticed, my looks are more tilted towards Indian fusion or minimalist, and that's what my personal style is!

Coming to this post, where me & Charuta decided to let our style talk about our personality & individuality despite of wearing the exact same jacket. While both of us kept our looks secret until we met for the shoot, the only thing common was different …

Colors of Gujarat

A lot of you  know about my recent trip to Gujarat. While I had planned to pen down the details about my "Few days in Gujarat", I had absolutely no idea that I'll also end up putting an outfit post! 

The decision to create this post was made after I bought this stunning kurta with intricate Kutch embroidery all over it and what was even more exciting was that I purchased it right before my trip to Rann of Kutch! If you have seen or heard about this white desert then I am sure you know how awestruck one is left after experiencing its beauty & magnificence.  

Coming to the look, I styled it keeping the vividness of Gujarat in mind! Being someone who prefers minimal anyday, going for a print-on-print like vibe was something new! I could have easily paired it with distressed denims & kolhapuris but I felt with that I wouldn't have been able to connect with the idea behind this post. 

I decided to wear this kurta with a pair of flared culottes; the combination of a c…

Old School

Two trends that have been on fire this year are bomber jackets and patches! During autumn or transition days, we all need to add a layer which is neither too heavy nor too light. Being fashionably upward, and a favorite of all, Bomber Jacket is definitely an ideal choice for such weather. 
While bomber jackets' roots are know to be traced in the military, same is said for the embroidered patches. Just like other accessories, it easily lifts up an outfit and creates unique wardrobe pieces. 
So when I came across this bomber jacket with embroidered patches (on Sammy Dress), I knew I need this in my closet. Since I intended to play with the volume and move over the classic black, I chose an oversized Khaki piece. While creating an everyday sporty style, I paired it with a mesh tee & a bodycon skirt! 
I basically wanted to create a contrast between the body hugging skirt and the oversized nature of the jacket, while dressing it down with a pair of sneakers. This look can easily be dr…

Lands of Gujarat

Whenever we go through a travel post, we often find people talking about the places they visited, their itinerary and pictures depicting the architecture, skies, sunsets and more. But one thing that I have never seen but have been curious to do is to talk about the 'lands' of a place. Basically #FromWhereIStand,where one can showcase the aesthetic appeal & uniqueness of each city, and how it is different from another despite being in the same state.
So I decided that the first post of my travel diaries would be 'Lands of Gujarat'. Each picture has been clicked at a renowned location of the 6 cities that I covered during my trip. Like Prag Mahal at Bhuj, Great Rann of Kutch, Mandvi Beach and more!
While one hand I got to experience the magnificent white desert on the other hand, when I knew zilch about it, I found myself standing in front of a beach! What else would a beach lover want ❤ 
From ancient architectural beauty of Vijay Vilas Palace to autumn vies at the Gir …

Amazon India Fashion Week SS17: Day 5

Since the last day of the fashion week was all spectacular & vivid, I decided to go for an outfit with a mix of both. I picked this aesthetically pleasing, handpainted shirt dress and paired it with these dusty rose sneakers.  Dusty rose is my new favorite by the way, definitely a must have!

To add a fusion vibe to the look I decided to sport a sleek low bun and wore a pair of beautifully crafted Peacock earrings with tiny pearl drops. Added a tint of blue & green on the eyes, before heading out!
OUTFIT DETAILS DressAdagio Bag - Forever 21 | Sneakers - H&M | EarringsEarth, Wind and Fire Jewellery

Day 5 at Amazon India Fashion Week SS 17 began with a jewellery shocase by Felix Bendish, Mine of Design by Ambar Pariddi Sahai, Whatever by Abhishek Kankaria & Shrruti Tapuria. This was followed by Rehane's collection showcase which included easy flowy silhouettes, with floral ornamentation on a pastel palette wi…

Amazon India Fashion Week SS17: Day 4

I decided to sport the Pantone colors of 2016 on the day 4 at the Amazon India Fashion Week. I picked this beautiful kurta dress in rose quartz and added chunky oxidised silver earrings along with a peacock engraved elaborated nosepin & anklets. 

This mini backpack has by far been my most quick, pocket friendly purchase till date. Rs 350, can you beat that? So I embellished it with multiple brooches to make it the statement piece of the look and finally a pair of brown oxfords to complete the attire. Effortlessly chic & comfortable! 

OUTFIT DETAILS Dress- Bhane | Bag - Thrifted | Brooches, Faux-fur keychain - H&M | EarringsNosepin Earth, Wind and Fire Jewellery

As for the Day 4, I was really excited for Hemant & Nandita's show, which was all about them ruffles, abstract prints & clean silhouettes! While Not So Serious by Pallavi Mohan was an every girl's dream wardrobe on peach & light blue pal…

Amazon India Fashion Week SS17: Day 3

For day three, I opted for a more minimalist yet chic look because this day involved some prescheduled work, long metro rides along with AIFWSS17. So I picked up this cropped denim vest and paired it up with high waist cotton pants. What attracted me the most about this vest was its back, intricately embroidered with beads & sequins in antique gold. Added Indian vibes in form of an oversized handcrafted bag and mirror juttis. 

I decided to accessorize this outfit with these dainty dusty pink earrings and a coin embossed cuff. Nothing OTT! For hairstyle I chose a sleek look & sported a popped collar to keep my frizzy hair at bay.  

OUTFIT DETAILS Jacket - Adagio | Bag - Thrifted | Earrings, Cuff - Earth, Wind & Fire Jewellery

Day 3 of #AIFWSS17 was a riot of florals, metallics, ruffles and more, with every designer showcasing amazing collections with full summer vibes.  With HUEMN opening for the day, it was indeed a gr…