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Revival of Silk Sarees

This blog post is really close to our hearts as a lot of efforts has been put into creating this, not that we don't do the same for our other looks but we planned this one extensively right from deciding on the sarees & location to shooting and editing a teaser ! 

Talking about the revival of silk sarees, well we both personally have immense love for this fabric but unfortunately, we don't see a lot of our peers sporting one. Not saying that it dying but maybe it doesn't fall into the 'fashionable' criteria of our fashion enthusiasts. Nevertheless, in my opinion, it's one of the most magnificent fabric and doesn't require much of accessorizing to lift up your look. I would any day prefer wearing this to a wedding over whatever trendy.

To create this look, I decided to wear a Kanjeevaram (also known as Kanchipuram) Silk Saree in purple-pink hue. It was extremely lightweight and easy to drape, considering how fine this type of silk saree is it also ended up…