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A day at Chaayos

You all might be aware how big of a foodie I am, I never fail to try new cuisines, visit a newly opened restaurent/ cafe in my neighbourhood or even order latest additions in the menu of my favourite eating joint. 

So recently, when I got to know to about the new Monsoon menu at Chaayos, I couldn't resist myself from trying it out. We visited their M-Block, Connaught Place outlet (I am specifying on this because I am sure you'd love the interiors as much as I did) and ordered two out of their four new chaat additions: BhelpuriSamosa Matar Chaat
Being a sucker for Bhelpuri, I had huge expectations from this one and trust me they surpassed it because everything from flavour to presentation was perfect to the t! Sweet, tangy and spicy, a great amalgamation of 'em all. 

Coming to the Samosa Matar Chaat, though it being an ideal choice in this amazing weather, I personally preferred to gulp down Bhelpuri over this one, all by myself. This dish is basically, mashed samosas with spic…