Stay Experience at StonedAge Inn, Tosh

Alot of you must be aware about my trip to Tosh a couple of months back. I have been eager to talk about my stay experience since the time I came back but I chose to delay because the freeze-to-death negative temperature would definitely not have been ideal for you to visit this place! And now when the sun is shining bright, after reading this post I am sure you'd know where to stay when you visit Tosh next.

Travelling to hills and staying in a regular hotel mostly kills the vibe of the journey. People who love adventure, either end up camping or choose a homestay. While I am not very comfortable with camps & since, we were three females (best friend & her mom), homestay didn't seem to be an ideal option, atleast for the first visit to the hills. So, after a good one week research we zero-ed in on StonedAge Cafe & Inn

For someone like me who has been a die-hard fan of 'Flintstones', this place actually took me back to that phase while bringing that sitcom i…

ZankYou is here!

Weddings in India are no less than a festival! With so much to coordinate, so many guests to take care of, & so many events lined up it tends to become difficult for both the families to actually enjoy the whole celebration. So when I was invited to the launch of ZankYou, the world’s most popular wedding portal and app not just that I was excited but also inquisitive to know whether is it actually possible for a website to make wedding an absolutely smooth process. According to Mr. Guillermo Fernandez Riba, Co Founder & CEO, ZankYou “The portal will help in providing information and access to top wedding vendors not just across India but also overseas. It’ll also offer the ability to create a wedding website for the bride & groom for free of cost, wherein we’ve brought an online cash and gift registry feature called E-Shagun, in order to completely transform the Indian wedding industry & make it more digital friendly.” So be it details about the venues to photographers, …

In The Woods

I visited this beautiful place called Tosh few months back, and it took me a while to get over its serenity! Now that I am back to reality for good I decided to start a series of posts that I shot there. Being born & brought up in Delhi and majorly, being a beach person travelling to hills is something that I have always chosen to skip. And Tosh definitely made me regret that! 

The best part about my trip was that my stay was at a place that had such 'shoot worthy' locations around it. With so much beauty on all the sides, how can a fashion influencer not shoot an outfit, so when I woke up to the view of this tiny black house surrounded with apple orchards I did not miss a second to get clicked. 

More than the outfit it was the charm of this place that I wanted to capture. The earthy tones of the landscape & the contrasting outfit brought in a unique color play to the shots. 

I wore a cold shoulder woollen top & paired it with these knee-high slit denim pants for a tra…

I Wore a Dress in Winters!

If you're from North India, you must be aware of how the weather has been fluctuating these days. While it gets extremely cold in the morning, it shifts to warm & sunny in a span of few hours! Dressing up in such weather is often confusing because with heavy layers you end up feeling balmy & uncomfortable if the temperature rises, or end up falling ill if you get hit by cold for not wearing winter appropriate clothes.

The thought of wearing a dress in winters gives me an image of me layering it to an extent where the dress loses its charm, is unflattering & hardly visible. So to create this look, I decided to pick a knitted skater dress, which made me feel wrapped in wool & kept chilly winds at bay. You can also add a layer of thermal tee beneath the dress, for extra warmth. 

I paired the outfit with over-the-knee boots and added these oversized Afghani earrings to elevate this ideal brunch look. Of course, with a touch of my personal style!  

As the day gets colder d…

Do I love Pantsuit?

By now you all must be aware of my love for a Pant-Suit! I have been spotted wearing it multiple times be it while exhibiting a sporty vibe or opting for a bold & sassy avatar; I never miss a chance to add one to my wardrobe. 
But with this one, the difference is that I not only chose a patterned piece but also added a fusion essence to it. Unlike the well-fitted ones I wore earlier, this one is more of a slouchy pantsuit

I styled my blazer as a wrap top & used the tie to keep it secure, paired it with the cropped baggy pants, and it gave a co-ord set appeal to the attire. 

For footwear, I picked these 3D pearls, suede mules to add a statement to the outfit. A reinvented form of pearls entered in 2017, it migrated from accessorizing jewelry & took over almost every category, be it tops, denims or footwear. And it's definitely is here to stay in 2018 as well.

Finally, I added this chunky Afghani silver choker & carried this silicon mini backpack to complete this fusi…

Santa's Stuck. Help!

Chrismas saleis always the best festival sale in Rosegal, but our dear Santa seems like he's not paying attention to his own weight this year and obviously stuck in the chimney! Help him through to get mysterious Rosegal gifts worth $50.  How can I help Santa?
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What about the Rosegal Chrismas Sale?
Oh of course, how could we miss the sale? Especially a sale up to 70% Off!
Ladies and gents, 2017 is almost over. Rosegalwill have brand factory new products coming up in 2018, so if you have any products that you wish to collect, this is probably your best and last opportunity. 70% Off and new…

Zaful Christmas Sale: Wishlist

Though unlike others we do not need a reason to shop but with the holiday season going on the online stores are loaded with Christmas Clothing Deals!
Keeping the same in mind, I decided to create a Christmas wishlist from one such fashion-forward website, Zaful, for you to either uplift your own winter wardrobe or gift something to your loved ones. Shopping at Zaful comes with its own set of added perks like right now, they are not just offering worldwide trending outfits but with some amazing Christmas dealsthat you wouldn't want to miss! 
So let's get started :
Suede Jacket

Suede & winters go hand in hand! I have been loving this fabric off lately for the retro vibes it exhibits. So when I saw the variety of suede jackets available at Zaful, I knew these are a must-have in this season's wardrobe. From cropped to the biker, you name it & they have it. 
Chunky Knit
Being a sucker for casuals, winters without pullovers are a big no for me. But we need to get over the regul…